About Oban Rowing Club

The boat is now built, and is located in Oban close to the Sailing Club. We are trying to get out as often as possible in the evenings and new members are very welcome to come along and give it a go!

How can I get involved?

At this stage you can become a member of the club, or if you are not wanting to be active in the rowing you can become a friend, or you can help by spreading the word.

Will it cost a lot for me to be involved?

No! Membership costs are being kept as low as possible, which is all that is required to be involved with the build and rowing.

 What is the end result going to be?

Using the experience of the other communities around Scotland that have already built their boats, we will have a great community boat that can be used for competitions or for just enjoying being out on the water. Already the Isle of Seil skiff has teams of all ages out rowing and competing, including the local Guides. It will be there to be used and the hope is that if there is enough interest then a second boat could be built which would open up the possibilities enormously.

Have a look at some of the other community skiff websites to see what they get up to.